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Chacewater’s owner, Paul Manuel, grew up
in Grass Valley, California, just a stone’s throw
from Lake County. He began working at his
family‘s construction business as a teenager
and ended up running the company. But
he eventually became more interested in
cultivation than construction.
In 1988, Paul and his wife Kellye, began
planting their own vineyard, and by 1993 they
were selling grapes to Fetzer in Mendocino.
They purchased their own Lake County
property in 2008, with an olive mill (they also
make great olive oil!) and land to build their
own 10,000-square-foot winery.
When Paul was searching for a winery
name, he recalled his forefathers, who were
rock miners in Chacewater, England, with
gratutude. “Because of their adventurous and
hardworking nature,” he says, ”we are able to
fulfill our passions today.” His label honors
these ancestors.
In 2011, Chacewater released their first
professionallymadewines. By then they knew
what a gem of an area they had picked for
their winery. Wine grapes had been grown
in Lake County for over 100 years, supplying
many of the best wineries in the state. Finally,
Lake County began to get the respect it
We have always loved the Sauvignon Blancs
from here and Chacewater probably makes
the best of the bunch. The dense flavors
and fruit components take you almost to
the edge of your seat as well as your palate,
but don’t throw you off. Peach nectar, guava
and passion fruit abound here with freshness
to spare, and all the nuance and delicacy
becomes apparent in its mesmerizing lime-
zest finish.
“ saw • VEEN • yon BLONK“
Fresh Herbs and
Stone Fruit
Rich, Extracted Flavors
Now through 2019
Seafood, Shellfish
Bright Straw
Lovely Fruit and Citrus
Region: Lake County, California • Alcohol: 14.2%
Sauvignon Blanc, 2016
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