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Quinta do Vallado was founded in 1716
and has been in the Ferreira family
almost that long. The estate is in
Portugal’s Douro Valley, internationally
known for one of the great wines of the
world, Port.
Port is usually a blend of several different
grapes with Touriga Nacional being
the accepted finest of the lot. It was
tradition to plant a vineyard with all the
varieties together. That made it easier
to pick the entire vintage at once. But
the folks at Quinta do Vallado came to
the realization that not all varieties are
created equal, and should be picked and
vinified differently.
So, in 1993 they determined which
varieties did best on which sites and
completely restructured their vineyards.
This was, needless to say, a very costly
move. But better control means better
wine. Now each varietal is picked and
fermented separately and then blended
together to make the best wine possible.
Dry, red wine from the Douro is a rarity
and we wish they made them more
often. They are nothing short of exciting
wines with sprawling flavors and exotic
nuances. Of course when you use only
the best grapes of the lot, your chances
of making a great wine is almost assured.
These grapes came from 90-year-
old vines. The power and presence is
unmistakable. The length and breadth
of the flavors is dizzying. Ripe cherry and
pomegranate descend on the palate
and turn into plum, anise and exaltation.
Large and luscious and a joy to drink.
“ toh • REE • gah VEE • noh TEEN • toh “
Touriga (Vinho Tinto), 2014
Region: Douro, Portugal • Alcohol: 13.5%
Ripe Plum, Cherry
and Spice
Large and Lovely
Now through 2025
Red Meat, Game
Very Dark
Medium Tannins
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