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I can say that this holiday season has forced me to put on my thinking cap…to look
around the wine world and see where we might be able to participate in the consumer
wine trends.
For sure one thing is obvious:
Groupon culture has created a unique
sector of wine…$5 crap. I naively
thought Groupon (at least for wine)
was a legitimate avenue to market
wine to people looking to find good
value. NOT! It has become a dumping
ground for swill (below-average wine
for the price). For real. I am aware
of a Groupon vendor who promises
incredible wine - I think six bottles
for $35. I can tell you, folks, they
are paying one Euro ($1.20) for that
bottle! It is not quality and not a valid
way to try new wines...
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Lucky thing the Original Wine of the
Month Club is here to make sure you
Paul Kalemkiarian
get the good stuff. That’s the tradition started by my father back in 1972 - great wines for
a great value - and that’s the tradition I carry on to this day. I personally taste each wine,
and you can be sure that only the best are shared with you, our club members. And with
our NEWCLUBS - Napa, Bordeaux, Rosé and Pinot Noir - there are even more ways
to learn about and try some fantastic wines, delivered to your door in pristine condition
and with our guarantee: You never pay for a wine you do not like.
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