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Paul Kalemkiarian
A Note From Your
It couldn’t have been better.
As we arrived at the track, I was informed that the 7th race
was being run in honor of the Wine of the Month Club. What does that mean? A few fun things.
First, I was invited to the paddock to make the call for the jockeys! Announcing “riders up!” Shortly
afterwards, Oscar, Cesar, Rocio (three of our staff) and I were invited to the winner’s circle to take
a picture with the winning jockey (Evin Román) and horse (#9, Rings of Jupiter) - very cool.
The 7th race
was run in our honor!
And let me tell you, the hit of
the day was our Isabel Rose
from the Michael Mondavi
Family Estates! Have at it!
See you next year -
always on Belmont Stakes
Two of your member service reps, Rocio and Christina, enjoying the day
It was so nice to see all our loyal members and have such a great arena to share wine and great
food. One member introduced himself by announcing he had signed up at the LA Garlic Festival
the last time we’d done that show... 1993! How cool is that? We had members from as far as
Las Vegas attend. Truly this is one of those events that you can turn into a weekend trip to LA -
coupled with a jaunt to Disneyland or the beach.
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