November 2015 Wine of the Month Club Newsletter - page 9

The Winery:
We featured a Giesen wine a few months ago and
usually it’s not easy coming up with different things to say about the same
winery. In this case it’s not a problem, mainly because I get to taste the
wine! There really are few wineries in the world that have been around for
a few decades whose wines you look forward to tasting. Giesen is one of
The winery was founded almost 30 years ago by three German
brothers, Alex, Theo and Marcel Giesen, who originally wanted to make
wine in Australia, but were turned off by the heat and snakes. Heat is
one thing you don’t get a lot of in Germany. We don’t know nothing
‘bout no snakes, so that part you can guess on your own. So New
Zealand is where they ended up!
Originally they were in the brick and mortar business, but decided on
wine because that’s what all three were most passionate about.
The Region:
Giesen is a
producer that makes me smile and
New Zealand is a country that does
likewise. Simply put, the wines are
really good and only because the
word “cheap” is, well, a cheap word, let’s just say they’re
relatively inexpensive, as in great values.
New Zealand is two long islands separated by literally a
few miles. Marlborough is the northern most point of the
south island and became very famous, and rightfully so,
for the incredible Sauvignon Blanc produced there.
The Wine:
In case you haven’t read the title or
looked at the label, this selection is not Sauvignon Blanc. To boldly go where no author has
gone before, I will say that New Zealand’s greatest wine is Pinot Gris. Thinking back on my
favorite wines we’ve featured, there are as many New Zealand Pinot Gris as anything else.
The wines, as this will instantly be apparent, are nothing
short of amazing. The flavors, presence and ultimate joy in
this varietal from here is without compare. It won’t take
long for you to get it. I’m guessing six seconds.
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WOMC Rating
Serve with shellfish, light meats,
fowl, and vegetarian dishes.
Very pale
Spice, earth & peach
Full and rich
Almost never ending
Cellaring Suggestions:
1-2 years
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