November 2015 Wine of the Month Club Newsletter - page 8

The Winery:
Skyline is the work of famed winemaker Joe Otos of
Owl Ridge and Willowbrook. Joe moved to Sonoma in 1995 at the tender age
of 21 to complete his studies at Sonoma State and took a job at Ravenswood
to pay his expenses. It didn’t take long for Joe to change majors and jump
into the wine biz with both feet.
Ah yes, we’ve heard this story before. Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy, physicist,
biologist, math, english or history. Once in the winery, nothing else
matters. Joe hooked up with Chris Loxton, his superior and mentor, and
together they became a powerhouse winemaking team.
Chris is a fourth generation winemaker from South Australia who,
though only a few years older than Joe, called him the kid because of
his youthful appearance and lack of experience. It didn’t take long before
their friendship grew into a partnership and though they still make
wines independently of each other, they still make them together too.
The Region:
The grape growing
history of the Sonoma goes as far back
140 years. In the early days the
agriculture centered around wheat, hops
and livestock, but by 1870 French
immigrants had established the first winery in the valley.
A century later, Frank Johnson, a career inventor and
machinist, traded in his successful orthodontic equipment
company for a simpler life in Sonoma County. Having grown
up on a farm in upstate New York, he always felt a strong connection with the earth and
sought to become a gentleman farmer. He planted what would become one of the first
great vineyards in Sonoma.
The relatively cool growing season is especially favorable to Pinot Noir. It nourishes a
distinctive balance in the grapes, ripening them slowly and evenly. They retain a measure
of acidity, lending themselves to making exuberant wines with lively flavors.
The Wine:
This wine is nothing short of perfection
in both grape growing and winemaking. The superb
balance of flavors, acidity, grip, nuance and excitement
hold your attention from beginning to end. It is nothing
short of spectacular.
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WOMC Rating
Serve with red meats, game
and vegetarian dishes.
Light magenta
Cotton candy, cherry blossom
Cinnamon, mint
and cherry
Lingering candy
Cellaring Suggestions:
5-7 years
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