November 2015 Wine of the Month Club Newsletter - page 7

The Winery:
Château Jeanguillon is a privately owned estate in
Soussac, a quaint Aquitaine village with less than 200 residents in
Entre-Deux-Mers, located at the South end of France’s famous Bordeaux
district. The property is located at the highest point between the Dordogne
and Garonne rivers.
Over 250 acres comprise the estate, with 220 acres composed of vineyards,
a relatively high percentage in this rather famous and expensive area.
Within this expansive plot, nearly 70% of Château Jeanguillon’s production
is dedicated to their red Bordeaux Supérieur wines, with the remainder
used for the estate’s dry white wines. The estate boasts an average vine
age of over 40 years, a truly remarkable statistic in these times.
The Region:
Since 1863,
Château Jeanguillon has been owned
and operated by the Pommier family.
Until 1920, the estate was an agricultural
enterprise, but as Bordeaux wines
became more in demand, the family
converted the land solely to growing
grapes and making wine. Today, the
tradition of fashioning delicious
Bordeaux wines is continued by the next generation of
the family, Christel and Philippe de Meillac.
The Wine:
Château Jeanguillon has adopted a balanced approach to winegrowing,
avoiding the use of chemicals wherever possible. After the harvest, the vinification is
traditional. There is a maceration of grape pulp with the seeds and skins, and a slow
fermenting process that is carried out under a strict and precise temperature control.
Our selection is a classic blend of 50% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc, and 20% Cabernet
Sauvignon. Bordeaux has been producing great wines for over 300 years and have settled
on a combination fairly close to this one for a large percentage of the chateaux, depending
on their location. More importantly, they’ve been at it for a while so they pretty well have
it figured out.
Nothing short of classic, this is a lovely example of a great
value from the most famous wine district on Earth. Supple
for its youth, yet still enough vigor to age and complex over
the next several years.
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WOMC Rating
Serve with game and
red meats.
Deep crimson
Violets, earth & blackberry
Licorice, black plum,
and cranberry
Very intense, chewy tannins
Cellaring Suggestions:
5-10 years
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