November 2015 Wine of the Month Club Newsletter - page 6

The Winery:
Spur Ranch wines originate from select vineyards
located in the most prestigious winegrowing regions in California. These
ideally situated, cool-climate vineyards foster slow, even ripening of the
grapes, enabling them to produce outstanding super-premium wines with
an ideal balance of rich, ripe fruit flavors and crisp acidity. Their current
vineyard sites are situated in several premier appellations, including
Monterey and Clarksburg, where our selection came from.
Spur Ranch is owned by Jeff O’Neill of O’Neill Vintners, founded in 2004.
Prior to that, Jeff ran Golden State Vintners and operated seven
production facilities across the state, owned over 10,000 acres of
premier vineyards and shipped bulk wine and case goods to more than
30 countries around the world. Needless to say, Jeff knows something
about making great wines at great prices.
The Region:
Monterey County is
a grape growing area of California that
is both gorgeous and unique. Picturesque
in its natural beauty, it’s an undulating,
natural phenomenon that begins with
the rugged Pacific coastline to the west
and segues to fertile valleys framed by
ascending mountain ranges to the east.
These lush valleys are known for perfect grape growing
conditions. Abundant sunshine by day; cool, ocean fog by night; and ancient alluvial soils
give this region a reputation for producing world-class wines. These alluvial soils are finely
layered, very deep, and primarily recognized for creating exceptionally inexhaustible grape
growing conditions. With farmers who are finely attuned to this region’s potential, grapes
grown here have a delicious flavor profile.
Monterey has been on the radar of many of the world’s wine professionals as a premiere
grape-growing mecca. It is just beginning to find its way into the hearts, minds and glasses
of the public.
The Wine:
Our selection is a ripe, round and racy offering with delicious aromas and
juicy flavors of fresh apple, peach, pear and lemon. It is
everything you are looking for in a bold, yet balanced
Chardonnay with just enough oak to add complexity, but
not too much to take away from the beautiful structure that
only Monterey fruit can offer.
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ITEM #: C1115W2DC
Retail Price:
Member Price $10.98/each
Reorder Price $6.99/each
WOMC Rating
Serve with shellfish, seafood,
vegetarian dishes,
light meats and fowl.
Pale gold
Fresh citrus & tropical fruits
Rich and layered with
vanilla and spice
Balanced with
creamy overtones
Cellaring Suggestions:
2-3 years
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