November 2015 Wine of the Month Club Newsletter - page 4

The Winery:
Spur Ranch is owned and operated by O'Neill Vintners.
From grape supply through wine processing, to bottling services, O'Neill is
recognized as the preferred outsourcing partner for many of the world’s
leading beverage alcohol companies and brand owners. Today, O'Neill
Vintners has grown to become the 8th largest U.S. winery and has earned
a reputation as one of the premier custom wine producers in California.
Winemaker, Mark Rasmussen, joined O'Neill after 12 years with Golden
State Vintners. He began his winemaking career in 1977 with Pacific
Land and Viticulture and later moved to Sebastiani in 1982, where he
became Director of Winemaking. He holds an undergraduate degree
from UC Berkeley and a graduate degree in Food Science/Enology from
Fresno State University.
The Region:
Our selection is a
blend of premium Cabernet Sauvignon
grapes grown in some of California’s
finest vineyards, especially the Lodi and
Sacramento Delta region. Once again,
these two regions pop up on our radar.
It seems we’ve been featuring more
wines from Lodi recently than any other area in California.
That’s primarily because the wines are not just good values,
it’s because they are exceptional values! Every wine we’ve featured from the Lodi region
tastes like it’s twice the price and still a bargain.
In a similar shadow is the Sacramento Delta, where exceptional reds have been produced
for decades, and is finally getting the recognition it deserves. There are a lot of diverse
climates and soils here. From the warm flatlands near Sacramento, the state capital, to the
vines creeping up the Sierra Mountains, this area can produce robust reds like Zinfandel and
Cabernet to delicate Chenin Blanc and Viognier that make heads spin.
The Wine:
Our selection is a rich red wine with delicious aromas and juicy flavors
of cherry, blackcurrant and raspberry. Balanced with
accents of vanilla and toasted oak for a smooth, easy-
drinking finish. The look and feel here says expensive until
you get the check. Another outstanding value from an
outstanding producer.
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ITEM #: C1115R2DC
Retail Price:
Member Price $10.98/each
Reorder Price $7.99/each
WOMC Rating
Serve with red meats,
tomato sauces and game.
Medium to deep magenta
Black pepper and cherry
Lovely fruit with
soft tannins
Ready for more
Cellaring Suggestions:
3-5 years
1,2,3 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,...18
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