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It is just getting complicated. I know in regards to our Illinois customers, we just
survived a hurdle to get wine back in the hands of law abiding wine enthusiasts in
that great state. You would think that we were criminals trying to deliver our wares
directly to the consumer there. Thank you to all who were patient while we sorted
through the labyrinth of alcohol laws. You see, the repeal of Prohibition in 1933 was
accomplished by giving each state control of its own alcohol laws…thus creating 52
different attempts to control, via taxes and reporting, the alcohol sold into the
respective states. Each state can impose shipping taxes or alcohol taxes or whatever
tax you want to call it. And, really, I am ok with that to a certain extent. Here is the
complicated part - one state wants the tax calculated on bottles, another on gallons
(what? Wine is sold in milliliters!), another on alcohol percentage, another on liters
(but a bottle is ¾ of a liter!) and the list goes on. And that is just the taxes, try the
various reporting requirements on not only how the wine gets into the state (ie whose
truck, etc.), how about the way the money flows, and some even asking for birthdates
of the purchaser & receiver of the wine! This is where I think our system gets too
complicated…I am happy to pay the tax, but can’t we find a way that simplifies the
reporting and allows me to ship right to your hands? Regardless, it is what it is and we
are thankful to be in Illinois again!!!! And ..oh, yes…now we can ship to New Jersey!
We are thankful. My wife Sandra and I are thankful for the opportunity to serve
you…our members and customers. We are thankful for the great staff we have here
at Wine of the Month Club who understand that you are the customer and our job is
to serve you. We are thankful for our three daughters, all of which make us very proud
in each of their own paths they have and are creating. We are thankful that all 4 of
our parents are alive and healthy into their mid-80’s still teaching us life lessons. It is
the season to be thankful and count your blessings….sometimes it is hard to do but
let’s do it nonetheless.
Paul Kalemkiarian
Wine editorials written by:
Ed Masciana, Wine Author
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