November 2015 Wine of the Month Club Newsletter - page 10

The Winery:
It’s still hard to believe that great wines come out of
Lebanon, one of the most war torn countries in history. Stories of trying to
get grapes from the vineyard to the winery and being upended by warfare
abound. Yet, through sheer will and determination, they turn out some
amazing wines.
Ksara is nothing short of a national treasure. The ancient architecture
combined with modern winemaking methods make it a wonder to
behold as you are sipping their incredible offerings.
The Region:
Ksara is in
Lebanon’s famous Bekka Valley,
home to their finest vineyards. The
winery was founded by Jesuit priests
in 1857, but the history of wine
made in this region goes back some
7,000 years! Shipwrecks found off
the coast of Lebanon, with wine
cargo still in tact, helps us date this
area as the oldest wine-producing
region in the world, almost 3,000
Here is a shuttering blend of old world passion and new world techniques. The vineyards
are impeccably manicured to the point that without a caption, you could be looking at
Bordeaux or Sonoma. In a region that is still in the throws of political unrest, Ksara is an
amazing oasis that defies description.
The soil here is a classic combination of stones for good drainage, chalk, clay and lime for
nutrients. The Bekka Valley’s climate is normally very dry and very hot. The slope on either
side of the valley and the valley itself create a unique micro-climate in which the cool nights
compensate for the hot summer days.
The main reason they can grow grapes in this region, however, is due to the 3,000 feet of
elevation. The temperatures at sea level could be 20 to 30 degrees higher, making it far too
warm for slow maturing grape vines, but perfect for even the most temperamental varieties.
The Wine:
Even with its elevation, the Bekka Valley
is still a warm climate and thus mostly features warm
climate grapes. Certain cooler microclimates exist and are
a perfect setting for our Sauvignon Blanc.
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WOMC Rating
Serve with seafood, shellfish,
and vegetarian dishes.
Pale straw
Slightly herbal & peach
Fresh herbs, some tropical
Cellaring Suggestions:
1-2 years
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