November 2015 Wine of the Month Club Newsletter - page 1

I love this time of the year….I love creating our gift catalog…creating it with the mindset
that I want each and every gift recipient to say “Wow” when they receive your gift.
“Wow” from the presentation. “Wow” from the quality. “Wow” from the service. At the
Wine of the Month Club, each and every product is hand selected….from the 100’s of
wines we taste each month to the incredible foods we source at the San Francisco Fancy
Food Show, each gift is guaranteed to be delivered in pristine condition. Take a look
through our catalog…of course, our monthly subscription clubs are the best in the
business and are always sure to please.
And….so happy to tell you about our new site -
- every
conceivable gift basket you can think of is all right here with our “you never pay for a
basket you do not like” guarantee!
Gift Catalog . . .
MAY 2015
Membership in the Wine of the Month Club is open to
anyone with an interest in and appreciation for superb wines...
and excellent wine values. Membership is FREE.
1-800-949-9463 or [626] 303-1690
Wine of the Month Club
P.O. Box 660220, Arcadia, CA 91066
Paul Kalemkiarian
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Wines evaluated last month: 286 • Rejected: 247 • Approved: 39 • Selected: 12
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