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I heard you, and this is my concern as well: too much paper being
wasted, too many glass wine bottles thrown in the trash, and
too many styrofoam case packs filling our landfills.
Wine of the Month Club is in the fight. We are constantly
reviewing our waste stream for more efficiency. In fact,
looking for these efficiencies has helped us find better ways
to run the company as well… thus reducing our costs to pass
on to you in savings per bottle! Fifteen years ago, we pioneered our own
recycled newspaper pulp tray and initiated testing of the same with the big
package carriers. We created a “credit” for members to return our 12 bottle
styrofoam case shippers and now ship solely with pulp versions of that. Though
there is no compensation, all of the wine bottles we empty in our tasting room
are driven to the local recycling center to be crushed and melted. We recycle our
pallets with our carriers and the hundreds of wine boxes we receive each month
are crushed and sent to the recycling center.
Now we are on the move again. This time reducing the amount of paper you
receive with each package.
By moving static newsletter information to our website, our newest move is
to reduce the number of pages our newsletter consumes in trees while
maintaining the level of information our members have come to expect. We are
also now printing on recyclable paper. You have my commitment that Wine of the
Month Club will continue to improve its efficiencies to reduce our paper output and
landfill input.
MAY 2015
Membership in the Wine of the Month Club is open to
anyone with an interest in and appreciation for superb wines...
and excellent wine values. Membership is FREE.
1-800-949-9463 or [626] 303-1690
Wine of the Month Club
P.O. Box 660220, Arcadia, CA 91066
Paul Kalemkiarian
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JUNE 2015
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